Top 8 Best Golf Clubs Set For Kids – 2021 Review

So you are about to dash to the market to get a high-performing golf club for your kid? That’s a good idea. And, if you are reading this guide right now, you have just taken the right step. 

As an expert and a seasoned golf coach, I always advise parents to research before advancing to the market to help them make the right decision. It is best to get professional advice from experts to guide you when choosing the right golf club for your kid.

Now, before we go further, please get this straight.

Some people prefer to choose golf clubs for their kids based on style, unique designs, price, and other attractive factors. While that can be a good idea, those golf clubs might not help you improve your kid’s performance and style of play. 

Are you still confused? Let’s look at this instance:

Golf clubs are made in different categories to serve specific purposes for golfers. A junior golfer between the ages 8 to 10 cannot play with a club designed for golfers between the ages 11 to 14. Besides that, height, weight, athletic ability, body measurement, and other critical factors play a huge part in determining which golf club best fits your kid. Hence, a golf club can be a good one but not perfect for your child.  

Are you aware of that fact before? 

Well, maybe. But, I bet you many parents out there don’t know the difference. Once they get to the rack that captions’ golf clubs for kids,’ they will choose the ones that best appeal to them based on design or price and leave the store. 

So, how can you know which club is suitable for your kid? That’s what you are going to learn in this article. The list below contains the best golf clubs for kids in different categories. All you have to do is pick the one that best fits your kid’s age, weight, and level of skills.

Best overall – Callaway Juniors XJ club set

The junior XJ set from Callaway ranks best overall because it fits almost every junior golfer in various heights, weights, and ages. This unique club set is suitable for junior golfers around 38 to 46 inches tall. That’s not all; it also covers kids from 47 to 53 inches. If your kid also measures between 54 and 61 inches, the Callaway Juniors XJ set can work perfectly for him or her.

Additionally, this golf club utilizes the most modern technology, enabling kid golfers to hit at a distance easily. It also provides the right forgiveness and contacts budding that junior golfers need. 

Best value – U.S Kids Golf UL51 Complete set

The UL51 complete set is the best golf club for kids when value is top of mind. Unless your kid wants to play golf for recreational purposes, the essence of buying a golf club is to enhance your kid’s performance on the course. And, that’s what this golf club set offers junior golfers. 

This golf club set also offers kid golfers low-cost options. They include a sand wedge, a pitching wedge, and two drivers that integrate into the club set quickly. This lightweight golf club comes with more flexible shafts and high performing clubhead to help the amateur golfers hit the ball higher with ease. 

Best for beginners – Wilson Kids Profile JGI Large Golf Club Set

If your kid is a Johnny-come-lately in the game, this golf club is the most suitable for him or her. The kids’ profile JGI set utilizes larger profile heads in the seven clubs, making it easier for kid golfers between age 10 and 14 to make the right contact with the ball.

This golf club helps kid golfers to develop their skills faster and encourage them to practice more often. Beginners, especially kids, need a golf club that will motivate them to practice consistently. That makes this club a good choice.

Best for ages 8 to 10 – Ping Prodi G Package 

The Prodi G package from Ping is most suitable for kids between 4ft 5 inches and 5ft 2 inches, an average height for children between the ages of 8 and 10.  This golf club uses modern technology used for professional adult clubs. The Prodi G package comes with a long-distance driver, which helps juniors hit as far as 17 yards off the tee. 

This golf club also comes with a highly forgiving heft and irons with 17-4 lightweight stainless steel heads and graphite shaft, to mention a few.

Best for ages 11 to 14 – Cobra Golf king Jr. Complete Set

The Cobra King Jr. Complete club set is suitable for kids with an average height between ages 11 and 15. Meanwhile, you need to know that this golf club is best for right-handed junior golfers. This set comes with a JR driver made with a 460cc titanium clubhead to help kid golfers produce straighter shots. 

The set also includes a stainless steel hybrid club which allows easy launch. The three irons help kids to get longer distances and forgiveness. The sand wedges and pitching also aids shot versatility.

Best for intermediates – Aspire DXI Teenager Complete Set

This club set is best for kids that have gone a little bit beyond the beginner level. It also bridges the wide gap between teen golfers and young adult golfers. On the standard, Aspire DXI Teenager Complete Set is suitable for kids between ages 13 and 16. It comes with modest swing weights, shaft lengths, and system mass to enable junior golfers to gain more confidence on the course.

Most versatile – TailorMade Junior Rory 8+ Set

The manufacturer of this versatile golf club set named it after the iconic golfer Rory Mcllroy. And if a high profiled golfer teams up with the top-rated brand to produce a golf club, you already know what to expect. 

This 16-degree driver makes it easier for junior golfers to make high launches and swing off the tee. It also helps kids build confidence to play smarter and better. If you want to buy your kid a versatile club that provides stability and easy alignment, you need to get this club.

Best lightweight – U.S Kids Golf UL63 Stand Set

The biggest issue for kid golfers is how to manage fatigue. The US Kids provides a solution to that aspect by producing this lightweight seven-club kit for both beginners and intermediate golfers. No many kids can play golf conveniently with heavy clubs. So, if your kid does not have a larger body size, the UL63 set can be your best option. 

Final Words 

Your kid can play the best golf game when holding the right golf club that fits his or her age, weight, height, and body measurement. So, it is essential to the listed factors into consideration before buying a club for your kid. Meanwhile, it is not difficult to get any of the above-listed golf clubs. They are available in almost every reputable golf store near you.